Benjamin Mahoney - graduate profile

Biostatistician, PAREXEL International

"People often ask me how I found my time at Plymouth University and my reply is always the same. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now if it wasn’t for the high level of support I received from the whole Mathematics and Statistics/Computing Department. 

Since graduating in 2010 with a first class honours degree, my statistical career has been rapidly progressing. Being primarily interested in the pharmaceutical industry, I was able to apply for, and successfully receive funding for, a very prestigious statistical MSc course. During that time, my knowledge and understanding of statistical methods and its applications learnt at Plymouth were built upon, leaving me with an even greater arsenal of skills ready to be used in real-life situations.
In parallel with the MSc, I applied for many job vacancies and accumulated four jobs offers; three in the pharmaceutical industry, and one in the government sector. After careful consideration I eventually accepted a job in Sheffield as a Biostatistician where I am now working under the supervision of experienced Biostatisticians. Part of the role requires me to produce analysis plans and reports for statistical sections of integrated clinical reports as well as statistical outputs such as tables, listings and figures. I also have to understand and apply advanced statistical methods such as logistic regression, survival analysis and, most importantly, medical statistics. The pharmaceutical industry is definitely an amazing industry to work in."