Deploying equipment on a boat

Do you want to be a marine biologist or oceanographer? We can provide you with the skills to be a marine environmental biologist with a thorough understanding of how physical and chemical processes influence marine life, or an oceanographer with a strong biological background. As a marine biology and oceanography student, your career options are as expansive as the oceans you study. Whatever your career goals, we’ll work with you throughout your degree to give you the support you need, preparing you to make real impact in your chosen field.

With our marine biology and oceanography degree, you’ll take a hands-on approach to learning, spending time exploring the South Devon coastline and examining marine life in the laboratory. Getting to grips with practical work in the lab and in the field means you’ll graduate better prepared to embark on your chosen career.

Ready to succeed

Ensuring you graduate with skills that directly apply to a range of professions – from oceanographer to researcher – is a primary focus of our teaching. So you’ll develop a range of practical skills that you’ll use throughout your career, from data analysis to writing reports. You’ll also have the chance to gain real-life work experience during a third-year placement with an organisation of your choice – also serving as an opportunity to make useful contacts in the world of work.

A world of choice

Our graduates work in many related fields. When you graduate you’ll be in a position to:

  • Engage in the latest research in your chosen field.
  • Create and influence policy as a member of a marine biology association or conservation organisation.
  • Engage in marine conservation work.
  • Pursue postgraduate teaching qualifications.
  • Use your diving skills as a marine scientist or filmmaker.
  • Gain entry to a postgraduate marine science programme.