Naomi Wise, marine biology and oceanography graduate

“I chose marine biology and oceanography as I had always been interested in biology but I had a fear of the sea! I decided that studying marine life and oceanic processes would conquer my fear, while allowing me to pursue my favourite subject. 

Without my degree I would not have become a Research and Development Scientist at Coldharbour Marine. The research techniques which I developed at university have proved invaluable. The guidance I received during my time at Plymouth has helped shape my CV, and also how to present myself when approaching potential employers. 

The most informative and enjoyable aspects of marine biology and oceanography were the field trips. In the first year we travelled to Roscoff in France for a week. It was my first experience of working in the field - long days continuing well into the night, studying an array of fauna and flora but, even with the hard work, it was thoroughly enjoyable. It gave our class the opportunity to build strong friendships and develop teamwork skills. These were built upon throughout the three years but especially during our second field trip to Sweden. The fjord where we were based for a week was spectacular. The practical boat work of trawling and dredging was invaluable for understanding marine field work. It was this second field trip that sparked my interest in marine conservation and I began better to appreciate the many stresses imposed upon the seas. 

Plymouth is well known for its excellence within the field of marine sciences. It has other advantages too! The campus is central to the city, the students union offers many societies and sports, and the view from the Hoe is unbeatable!”