Jordyn Read

"Dietetics is an exciting and ever-changing profession and this is what really attracted me to the course. Combining my passions for nutritional science, in health and disease, along with communication and interpretation, I believed this course was an obvious choice. 

I love the fast-track nature of the course, which enables me to graduate in three years instead of four and experience a dietetics placement during each year of study. This gives hands-on experience and consolidation of knowledge at each stage, which constant lecture-based learning couldn’t. Cohorts are also a lot smaller than other courses, giving more individual support and a stronger relationship with lecturers and peers.

Last year I spent my placement at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. I mainly shadowed and observed dietitians, but I also got the chance to communicate and interact with all types of patients and staff. 

My placements this year and next year will be more patient focused and will give me the opportunity to undertake supervised clinical practice. 

If you are interested in nutrition and communication and enjoy interacting with people of all ages, I would highly recommend trying to take part in some dietetics-related work experience in either a hospital or community setting. This will help you to decide whether you can see yourself in this role and develop further interest.

As a dietetics student you are constantly growing and developing as an individual. Personally, I have improved in confidence with communication, inter-professional teamwork and professionalism – all of which are very transferable skills for any future role."