The moment I realised... I wanted to be a dietitian

Rosanna Strickland remembers the exhilaration of being entrusted with advising patients while learning

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For me, there is no better feeling than knowing you have made a genuine improvement to someone’s life.

Rosanna Strickland Dietetics student

Dietetics is whatever you make it.

Whether you want to be a hands-on acute dietitian or a holistic patient-centred dietitian, and whether you want to work in public health, a private practice or the food industry, there's something for everyone.
When I finished my A-levels, I worked in a nursing home for six months, where my interests in nutrition and diet grew alongside my passion for helping and caring for others. I was searching for a degree that would encompass these interests while challenging me intellectually. That was when I discovered dietetics.
I was initially attracted to the University of Plymouth as it was the first to offer a dietetics course over three years instead of four, providing three placements in an array of clinical and geographical areas.
During my admission interview, I was won over by how person-centric the university’s dietetics course appeared to be, with modules focusing on the psychology of behaviour change and how to tailor advice to individuals.
I love the people I have met both through my course and through socials offered by the university’s student union. Being so close to Dartmoor and several different beaches also means that students can access so much more than the numerous activities the city has to offer. For the past three years, Plymouth really has been my home away from home.
Since enrolling on my course, almost every dietitian I have met has been friendly and compassionate. Dietitians tend to have a lot of enthusiasm for their profession, so their workplace environments are usually highly supportive and productive.
The moment it all seemed to become “real” was on my second placement.
Having shadowed dietitians on my first placement, being trusted with the responsibility of providing dietetic advice to patients was exhilarating. I was able to build upon what I had learned at university by translating it into practical advice to help patients.
I knew then that this was definitely the career path for me.

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