PhD student Charlotte Levy

After completing a BSc in chemistry at Plymouth, Charlotte went on to do her PhD in the Environment and Fluid Modelling Group.

“I originally started my time at Plymouth studying psychology but after the first year I decided it wasn’t really for me and changed to chemistry. The course was challenging but great fun. The staff are helpful, I made some awesome friends, enhanced my career prospects and became more professional in my dealings. I also did a really cool placement for two months at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The placement involved analysing water samples to check if water sources were safe. It was great to have the opportunity to work with PhD students as I had been considering applying for a PhD. 

During my time at Plymouth I won a number of awards, including the IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) Trainee of the Year and the Vice Chancellor’s Student of the Year award.

I also enrolled on Plymouth SAS (Student Associates Scheme) one summer. This involved working alongside experienced teachers to teach chemistry to GCSE students for three weeks.  

After I did so well during my degree I thought I’d continue my studies with a doctorate. I received offers from several universities but chose to stay in Plymouth because I love it here and was really keen to work on extending my dissertation. 

My PhD is in the Environment and Fluid Modelling Group at the University: a study of modified calcium carbonates as active slow-release and environmental clean-up agents.”