Mohammed Rafiqul Islam - graduate profile

"I have always been fascinated by electronics and I wanted to study in a top class institution. So, after doing some online research, speaking to friends and attending a University of Plymouth open day, I was convinced that Plymouth was the place for me. Besides, being a foreign national, I was glad to know that so many overseas students study at Plymouth.

I am really grateful to University of Plymouth because they taught me so much about electronics. The final year project was probably the best thing that happened to me in my university life. Our course was also very competitive so we always had the urgency to do well. 

When I went to the interview for my job with the Dezac Group I discovered that they rated Plymouth very highly, and I can see why. In the interview room they showed me a big circuit and asked me to talk though it. This I felt fully able to do, thanks largely to my final year project experience. They were also impressed with my knowledge of hardware and software such as Matlab, MPLAB and MIDE-51. 

I joined the Dezac Group as a graduate Electronics Engineer. I currently work in their head office in Cheltenham for the projects department running fast-track development of health, beauty and lifestyle products. 

My job is to work on product development, developing electronics from a concept to a finished and fully tested product. This involves PCB design, ideally with software development using Altium as a tool. I also do the primary EMC test of each product." 

*BEng (Hons) Electronic and Communication Engineering (course no longer running). Alternative course - BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering.