Final year project awards electrical and electronic engineering  and robotics

Your project brings together all of the different skills that you have acquired during your degree.
  • You select the topic of your project based on your interests and ambitions
  • In your project you are supported by a lecturer who will be a leading expert in electronics or robotics
  • Your project supervisor will help guide you through the process of planning and structuring your project so you can achieve your goals
  • The culmination of every academic year in Plymouth is our project open day: this event is visited by many employers such as: Atlantic Inertial Systems, Avanti, Plessey, Renishaw, Spinnaker
  • Project prizes are sponsored by: Babcock Marine, Becton Dickinson, DSTL, Farnell, HSBC, National Instruments, Rapid, RS Components, Texas Instruments
  • Your project is your calling card when looking for that high level job
Recent Project titles include:
  • Self-stabilizing quadrocopter
  • Laser particle counter for air quality analysis
  • Giant Magneto-Impedance Residual Current Device
  • Brain Signals Enhanced Haptic Game Interface Design
  • Photovoltaics in Renewable energy: Converting the unstable DC output of solar panels to a stable AC voltage
  • Search and Rescue Robot
  • Hydrogen Boiler energy system
  • Underwater Ultrasonic Communication
  • 3D Object Recognition Using Microsoft Kinect
  • Adaptive Collision Avoidance System
  • Low cost Animal Tracking System using spread spectrum radio frequency GPS system
  • Home Based Smart Meter
  • Hardware Multitrack Audio Sampler