Oliver Blackwell
“The course at University of Plymouth was more arts based than engineering, which is something I favoured. A large part of the course was based on presenting material from your own projects to your peers and lecturers. This is something that has been very useful to me because I am presenting in front of a clients on a daily basis in my current career. 
I really didn’t know what I wanted to do upon graduating but I knew I didn’t want to work for someone. I had already set up my business while at university so by the time I had graduated, I had a slight advantage because it had been running for two years. My main achievement was being awarded membership for the Chartered Society of Designers in 2007. You are assessed on various products you have brought into the market and your design ability.
Currently my products are in being manufactured in China by over 200 people and there are approximately 10,000 stores distributing and selling my products around the world through stores such as Selfridges, Tesco and Wal-Mart in North America. I run three companies – two are medical device companies and one is my own design consultancy business. Verger Blackwell devices LTD, Verger Blackwell LTD, and Oliver Blackwell design consultancy. All of my companies are based around developing and commercialising new products. We normally develop products in house and sell them to external companies.”