Product and Furniture Design careers

Our alumni work in design practices or establish design consultancies, set up as designer makers or move into education and research

Our design projects and program of employability and creative industry skills creates graduates who are skilled, knowledgeable and professionally aligned to today's job opportunities.

Take a look at a few of our graduates to get a feel for range of diverse career paths available.


In Conversation: James Otter

<p>James Otter</p>
<p>James Otter<br></p>
<p>James Otter</p>

My mission is to ask people the question: if you could have just one surfboard for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Designer Maker graduate, James Otter now runs a successful business designing and making eco-friendly wooden surfboards. James also runs courses on designing and building hollow, skin and frame wooden surfboards, combining traditional materials and techniques with digital refinements and construction methods.

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The art of sustainability: Mark Buckley

<p>Conservator and Optimiser toothbrushes by Mark Buckley,&nbsp;BA (Hons) 3D Design Product Designer student.<br></p>
<p>Mark Buckley's range of toothbrushes</p>
<p>Toothbrushes by 3D Design graduate Mark Buckley</p>

3D Product design graduate, Mark Buckley’s Future of the Everyday project investigated how we make, sell, use and dispose of fast-moving consumer goods. He questioned how business and society might act differently if resources are limited by designing seven different toothbrushes to resonate with different people from different walks of life. His seven designs also represent different attitudes businesses might take in this constrained world, and suggest that now is the time to shift towards a circular economy.

Mark Buckley is now a designer at the London-based Agency of Design, renowned for their sustainable practice.