Career paths for interior design graduates

Our graduates are working at design consultancies, running their own businesses, freelance designers, or have moved into postgraduate research.

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers within interior design and architectural practices such as Fosters and Partners, Soho House Group, the BBC, Yoo Interiors (Starck & Hitchcox), Kelly Hoppen Interiors, HLM Architects, and workplace specialists Interaction.

Where could a design degree take you?

<p>Lee Valentine circle</p>

Lee Valentine, Freelance Spatial Designer

“Since graduation, I have worked as a freelance designer on projects ranging from public realm art installations to sculptures, hospices, and educational buildings.

“The feeling of immense responsibility when designing a space or building for children and the public is massive, and making sure things are correct can consume you.

“The nature of freelance design is that you have to adapt. I also do photography work, website design, and school prospectus and communication design. My main passion and work is within the architectural industry, but my work is always varied.”

<p>Jessica Attrill circle</p>

Jessica Attrill, Junior Designer at Lyons + Sleeman + Hoare

“My degree has helped me with my career, it showed me that I could take any path into design. Also, I found that having studied the degree I was adaptable to many different opportunities.

“I gained so much confidence getting up in front of people and sharing my ideas throughout the duration of my course. This was important for me because I knew that I needed this skill for when I got a job.

“This put me in a good position at interviews as it showed employers that I’ve experimented and been out my comfort zone.”

<p>Andrei Carausu circle</p>

Andrei Carausu, Designer

“Studying at the University of Plymouth has been an amazing experience for me. The trip to Italy for Milan Design Week with all my course mates is probably one of my favourite memories ever.

“Throughout my three years at Plymouth, I was given the right tools and guidance to develop my skills and be ready for the design industry. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be taught by such amazing lecturers.”