Geometric chairs  by Geoff Hall BA (Hons) 3D Design Spatial and Interior Designer student.

Our process of design development is underpinned by making from sketch models, site and detail modelling to 1:1 prototyping of spaces. This hands-on approach to crafting interiors is supported by our workshop facilities, which include traditional wood and metal workshops alongside digital fabrication and immersive technology. You’ll also have access to ceramic, textile and print workshops and technician support to help you realise your designs in three dimensions.

Studio culture

Core to your time there is your own desk space in our vibrant, open-plan studio where you’ll work alongside a range of design disciplines, which evokes the multi-disciplinary environment of design consultancies and co-worker maker spaces. 

Our modules encourage cross fertilisation, collaboration and teamwork giving you a great opportunity to work with and learn from your peers.

3D Design wood steam bending 


with technician
Digital 3D printing in our Make Lab
3D students working in ceramics studio
Joachim Greenwood Tilling
Metal workshop

Workshop life | The above images show our students taking advantage of a few of our facilities and workshops.

1. Wood steam bending workshop
2. Digital 3D printing in the Make Lab
3. Ceramics studio
4. Greenwood tilling
5. Metal workshop.