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A history degree at Plymouth won’t just set you up for a job as a historian after graduation. In fact, it’s great preparation for many careers, often prized more highly by employers than specialist programmes. Business people, lawyers, teachers and managers are often recruited from people studying history, so it’s a good choice if you want to keep your options open.

Enhance your employability

 Your studies will set you up to succeed in all sorts of ways:
  • advance your intellectual qualities: critical reasoning, objective analysis and imaginative approaches to problem solving
  • learn how to maximise your skills and sell your strengths in applications through in-depth, personalised, and ongoing professional development training
  • develop essential skills for the world of work including multi-tasking, time management, independent working, the ability to reflect, teamwork and communication skills
  • gain experience directly relevant to your future career through internships and work placements supported by the course and careers service
  • international perspective, skills, and knowledge that can help you to take advantage of opportunities in the increasingly global world.
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Where could your history degree take you?

Discover employment and further study opportunities that you could consider once you graduate with a history degree, and learn how you can stand out to graduate employers.

What can you do with your history degree?

Inspiring graduates: Rachel Coke

"After completing my BA (Hons) in History with Politics, I chose to start my MA History part time. The MA felt like the next step for me, it gave me the opportunity to explore areas of history in more depth." 
Rachel received one of the Roosevelt Centre’s International scholarships to research her MA dissertation. Learn more about Rachel Coke
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Rachel Coke