Dr Nasir Zubairu: Research in energy supply chain finance

Nasir tells us about his research as well as his experience as an international student

Dr Nasir Zubairu concluded his PhD research at Plymouth Business School in 2019. He currently works as a Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Muscat University in Oman.

Nasir Nubairu PhD alumni

About my research 

"My PhD focused on Energy Supply Chain Finance; and the research topic was Supply Chain Financial Performance in Liquefied Natural Gas Systems. My PhD thesis aimed to explore and analyse the key supply chain initiatives that influence financial performance and to propose strategies and policies to improve supply chain financial performance in liquefied natural gas systems.
I started my PhD journey after a decade of working in different industries such as maritime, free-trade, banking, real estate, business development, and infrastructural consultancy across both public and private sectors. Even though I had general knowledge about the area of my research because of my vast industry experience and prior studies in accounting and energy finance, I had limited understanding of the demands of a PhD programme and what a research of that magnitude would entail. Fortunately, In Plymouth Business School I was able to benefit from first-class supervision, training, and encouragement from an experienced and supportive supervisory team, support staff, research team, and fellow PhD candidates. This encouraged me to hone my research skills to the level required to achieve a quality PhD and to publish in reputable journals and conferences. Over the years, I have attended numerous international conferences within and outside the United Kingdom in which I have presented different phases of my PhD project. I have also published some of the findings from PhD at one of the top-ranking journals in logistics and supply chain management.
The University provided me with all relevant facilities needed to succeed in my PhD, including a dedicated workstation at an exclusive PhD research office, access to private study space at the library, and access to relevant research software. The conducive and supportive research environment has made my PhD adventure an unforgettable experience. It is a journey of continuous learning, growth, collaborations, camaraderie, accomplishments, mistakes, and of course loneliness, especially being an international student. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful and life-changing experience that I will always look back with fond memories.

Choosing the University of Plymouth 

I attained my master’s degree in Scotland in 2010-2011 by then the UK had gradually become an environment that I was comfortable with, I had become familiar with the culture, food, and the weather. For my PhD, I decided to search for a city with similar heritage, but with a relatively better weather condition and a university with expertise in logistics and supply chain management. Plymouth city and Plymouth Business School fit those criteria nicely. The decisive moment was when my supervisor called to discuss my research proposal; I was impressed by his vast knowledge, experience, and professionalism. 
In Plymouth I gained various experiences within the university’s academic space. I participated in higher education teacher trainings, teaching at different levels, organising and chairing conferences and research cafés, and representing doctoral students at both the University and Faculty doctoral committees. Those engagements gave me an understanding of how to perform effectively in an academic environment, which enabled me to have a smooth transition from an industry to an academic career. Plymouth Business School offered me a rewarding and life changing opportunity.

Advice to prospective students

University of Plymouth is a vibrant university located in the heart of Britain’s Ocean City, with its spectacular waterfront and rich history. If you are considering a PhD, consider Logistics, Supply Chain and Shipping Management. There are so many opportunities for graduates in different industries and academia. As a doctoral research scholar in the university, you will join an exciting, innovative, and supportive research community that is committed to addressing multifaceted challenges in a sustainable manner."