Undergraduate dental students in Phantom Head room in Portland Square.

This module augments knowledge and newly acquired skills from previous modules, relating to treatment with dental implants. Students will develop a systematic knowledge of the literature that guides current practice, and apply their appraisal skills to critically evaluate literature in areas where new insights are being made. It equips students to plan treatment with dental implants, and practice simulated surgical placement of implants, hard and soft tissue augmentation and techniques for restoring implants, under simulated conditions.

Teaching is delivered through seminars and by demonstrations and practical training in the Simulated Dental Learning Environment (SDLE). 

You will cover:

  • Treatment planning for dental implants.
  • Advanced treatment planning; single implants.
  • Advanced treatment planning; multiple implants.
  • Soft tissue management around implants; theory and hands-on.
  • Particulate grafting procedures; theory and hands-on.
  • Block grafting procedures; theory and hands-on.
  • Sinus surgery; theory and hands-on.