Undergraduate dental students in Phantom Head room in Portland Square.

This module builds on existing knowledge and newly acquired skills from modules 1 and 2 and introduces more complex periodontal treatment options, including the surgical management of bone loss due to periodontal disease and elective surgery to assist prosthodontic treatment. They will apply knowledge to more complex clinical situations where surgery may be indicated, using research to create and guide treatment decisions. They also develop essential skills such as aseptic technique and local anaesthesia. 

Teaching is delivered through seminars and by demonstrations and practical training in the Simulated Dental Learning Environment (SDLE). 

You will cover:

  • Essential surgical skills.
  • Surgical vs non-surgical therapy, theory of access flaps and regenerative surgery.
  • Pocket reduction surgery; theory and hands-on.
  • Treatment of furcation involvement; theory and hands-on.
  • Crown lengthening procedures; theory and hands-on.
  • Advanced periodontal (mucogingival) surgery; theory and hands-on.
  • Ridge preservation techniques, soft tissue augmentation surgery; theory and hands-on.