The Plymouth Fund

Help give 12 care leavers the chance of a life-changing degree by giving to The Plymouth Fund.

Your gift will go directly towards giving care leavers the support they need to study at the University of Plymouth. 

Despite an unstable start in life, they have achieved the results needed to win a place and, with your help, their time here can set them up for life.

Care leavers will benefit from:

  • Support to apply for a place and apply for funding
  • £2,000 bursary each year of their degree
  • Guaranteed accommodation for 52 weeks of the year
  • Someone to turn to for help at all times.

This is Cheri's story...

“Do you remember your graduation day? This is mine. Not many people with a start in life like I had ever get this far. 

I was four years old when I was first taken into care. I was moved from place to place, and briefly returned to live with my mother. But when my brother was born, we all went back into care. He was adopted and I was placed in a foster family with only one of my sisters. My family was separated. It wasn’t an easy start in life or a stable one. But my grandparents instilled in me the importance of an education. 

People like you made it possible for me to accept my place, and saw me through difficult times.

Cheri Duffett - BA (Hons) Business

As a care leaver, I was lucky enough to get support from the University. 

This included a grant to help with living costs and buying books; accommodation all year round, and there was always someone for me to talk to. 

There were monthly meetings for care leavers, where I met people who faced the same difficulties as me. I made friends who really helped me. 

Without that support, I wouldn’t have made it through to graduation.

That’s why, as well as saying thank you, I want to ask if you will help other care leavers who are due to start at the University.”

Donate now

Your donations could help a care leaver like Cheri – who loves learning and has dreamt of going to university their whole life – to secure a place on a course.

Our aim is to offer 12 new students, who are care leavers, full bursaries of £2,000 a year and that means raising £72,000 in total.