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Learning the Land is the third of three anthologies to be created as part of the University's commitment to the Mayflower400 commemorations in 2020. 

Want to become a published author?

If you're under 19 years of age, send in your work for a chance to become a published author in this fantastic collection of poetry, prose and stories.
This year’s theme is Learning the Land. What does it mean to you?
Use your own words, in your own style. Write a poem, a story, or something else. Add your own illustrations, if you like. Work on your own or in a group. All entries must be in your own words, but a grown-up can help you to write them down. If selected, your work will be read by many the world over, with copies being sent to Plymouth in Massachusetts, America.
Pictures for inspiration can be found at from September.
Entries close on 22 November 2019
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Inspiring creative writing workshops for schools

Inspire your classroom with creative writing workshops, delivered by BA (Hons) Publishing and Illustration students. 
The workshops run between October and November to stimulate creative thinking and writing from school pupils. Works can then be submitted for consideration to be included in the published book.
For pupils aged 7-14, these workshops are validated by the Children's University.
To book onto a workshop please contact:
University of Plymouth students work to inspire young creative writers at Stoke Damerel school.

Thought-provoking imagery for your pupils 

University of Plymouth BA (Hons) Publishing and Illustration students have carefully crafted an inspirational image pack, to help stimulate imaginative writing from your pupils.
Included is local imagery tied to the theme of this year’s book, plus three tasks to guide your class to submit poetry, prose and stories for the third anthology of young people’s writing, Learning the Land. Download the information below:
Beyond the Horizon
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