Hetty Summerhayes - LLB (Hons) Law graduate


LLB (Hons) Law, Class of 2022
"Since graduating I have been undertaking the Bar Practice Course and Masters in Law at The University of Law (Bloomsbury). With the help of the lecturers at the University of Plymouth I managed to secure a scholarship from Inner Temple to do the Bar course. I am due to start my pupillage in October 2023."

Putting theory into practice

"I always knew I wanted to pursue a career at the Bar, however, I was unsure on the route to getting there. Doing the degree at Plymouth gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in law whilst also enhancing my practical understanding of a career at the Bar. 
"My experience as a law student at the University of Plymouth was overwhelmingly positive. Law is a challenging subject, with a huge amount to learn but the knowledge of the lecturers and style of teaching enabled me to get to grips with the course. The course is taught via interactive lectures and tutorials which is conducive with retaining the necessary information."

"Studying Law at the University of Plymouth gave me the courage to pursue a career at the Bar. Not only did the University provide me with a sufficient knowledge of the law but it gave me the confidence to apply that knowledge in a practical way."

Get involved

"The University of Plymouth has a fantastic range of opportunities to enhance your studies. The Law Society runs competitions, such as mooting and client negotiation, which I competed in and I was the mooting officer in the final year of my degree. Competing in these events gave me the chance to experience the skills required to be a solicitor and a barrister. The competitions are supportive of your studies and they gave me a chance to build on my knowledge of the law and practice the skills required for a pursuing a career at the Bar.
"My advice to future students would be to grab every opportunity that comes your way and to get involved in the Law Society."
Plymouth students mooting final
Law Society mooting event

Developing legal research skills

"The LLB (Hons) Law course at Plymouth taught me how to carry out legal research. This skill is crucial in Law and is often very challenging. The University has fantastic resources to support you in developing your understanding of legal research. I learnt how to research effectively and as a result I have relied on my ability to navigate both WestLaw and LexisNexis most days on the Bar Course."
"The University also helped me to develop my confidence in the legal space. The lecturers gave me the confidence to stand by my work and future endeavours. The University is not only supportive during your degree but afterwards too. 
"I would also encourage any future Law student to ensure they engage in lectures and tutorials, you most definitely get out what you put in."

Support every step of the way

"The University of Plymouth is extremely special because not many Universities offer the opportunities that it does in law. The law space allows students to thrive and I am very grateful for this. The University also has great lecturers who are always on hand to help whenever you need, I am extremely appreciative for the support I have received as I would not be where I am today without it."
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