Our courses are designed differently to ensure you’ll be able to navigate the challenges of the future and make your mark. Studying on one of our degrees means you’ll learn by doing alongside leading academics, researchers and expert practitioners, equipping you with the most relevant skills and expertise in your chosen subject.

Personalise your degree

Find out how our flexible course structures provide you with an opportunity to personalise your studies, feed your curiosity, and help you achieve your career aspirations.

Dive deeper into your subject: choose optional modules within your chosen subject area.


Branch out and explore: choose to study modules from any of the School of Society and Culture's subject areas.

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Preparing you for your chosen legal profession

We've designed our degrees to ensure you're prepared for the updated Solicitors Qualifying Examination. Our course also allows you to pursue training as a barrister, with our students regularly winning major Bar Scholarships from the Inns of Court.

Find out more about what you can do with a law degree

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Real-world and hands-on

When studying law, you’ll get hands-on in the law clinic, genuinely helping those who can’t afford to pay for their own representation.

My time in the clinic was the highlight of my degree.

Emma Mumford

Whilst working in the law clinic, we had the opportunity to help those who needed it, and have been able to make a positive impact in difficult times. It was also a huge factor in helping me stand out when applying for jobs.

Alannah O’Neill

University of Plymouth Law Clinic

The Law Clinic offers real advice and assistance to clients in the Plymouth community across a range of legal areas. Coordinated by law students and supervised by staff, the clinic provides hands-on experience for our students and a vital service to the local community.

Find out how our students gain practical experience through the Law Clinic

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Looking for a Foundation Year?

If you're worried about whether university is right for you or if you don't meet the entry requirements to apply for a three-year degree, our foundation years may be perfect for you.

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Postgraduate opportunities

Whether you choose a taught masters programme or undertake a research degree, you will be supported and supervised by staff who are international experts in their field.

Their breadth and depth of knowledge mean they are well placed to help you plan towards your future career and give advice based on genuine experience.

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