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The Procurement Act is legislation that aims to reform the way public authorities in the UK buy goods, services and public works. 

What is changing? 

The way that the University of Plymouth undertakes procurement is influenced by certain obligations set out in National Procurement Legislation. 
The Act has been given Royal Assent and over the coming months we can expect to see the secondary legislation introduced which will underpin the Procurement Act. 
It is anticipated that changes will come into effect in October 2024 following a six-month mobilisation period.
To help suppliers get ready for go-live, this webpage has been created to share updates on the changes and how they are being implemented by the University of Plymouth.
We would also encourage interested parties to sign up for regular updates.
Have you got a question, or simply want to provide feedback on this page to the University of Plymouth Procurement Team?  
If so, drop us an email at procurement@plymouth.ac.uk

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