Enquiry form and Unibuddy

Find out how to use the enquiry form as a means of capturing enquiry data and learn about the Unibuddy platform integrated into our site

June 2020

Enquiry form

This form is critical as a means of capturing enquiry data and starting to build conversations with prospective students who would normally be able to attend an open day on campus. 
A large piece of analysis, testing and integration work has been undertaken to allow a new form builder to be used, not just for this enquiry form, but for all web forms. This gives us the ability to create and amend forms without technical development for each one, becoming much more responsive to audience needs and creating simple, quick ways for website users to get in touch with us. 
The forms can link automatically to Salesforce, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for tracking applicant enquiries, sending communications and monitoring student recruitment numbers.

What's new?

  • The new enquiry form can be found at www.plymouth.ac.uk/pod, as well as on undergraduate course pages and application advice pages. 
  • The form is another new way for prospective students to interact with the University.
  • The Unibuddy platform found at www.plymouth.ac.uk/unibuddy has been integrated into our site and is also accessible through undergraduate course pages.
  • Unibuddy gives prospective students real-time access to real people at the University.

Website Refresh Project 2020

The University's external website is undergoing a refresh to update certain design elements, functionality and content, as part of a project ending on 31 July 2020. 

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