The Learning for the Future model

Introduction to the model

The Learning for the Future model describes the process by which students will develop their interdisciplinary skills. Each skill is part of a sequential process that builds upon the last. By following this sequence, staff and students from different subjects and disciplines can work towards a shared goal.

The four phases of the model 

The development of interdisciplinary skills can be divided into four ‘phases’, in line with the model and type of collaboration they involve. Each phase builds on the previous one, moving from independent work to full team collaboration.

Phase one: ‘groundwork
Preparation required for the work to begin.

Phase two: ‘students working apart’
Students will be working apart in their own subjects or disciplines.

Phase three: ‘students working alongside one another’
Students will be working alongside each other, coordinating more than fully collaborating.

Phase four: ‘students working together’
Students will be collaborating fully as a team to integrate their work into an interdisciplinary outcome.

Approaching and applying each phase of the model

<p>Interdisciplinary learning<br></p>
Phase one: groundwork