Digital Capabilities

Digital capabilities are integral to personal, academic and professional development. In the broadest sense, digital capabilities may be defined as those skills, knowledge and practices that enable an individual to understand and interact with the digital world effectively and safely. This framework aims to support students and staff in developing these skills and the resources are built around the Jisc Digital Capability framework aligned to categories widely used across the sector. 

The framework categories are broken down into: 

  • ICT proficiency (Information, data and media literacies, digital creation, problem solving and innovation)
  • digital communication, collaboration and participation 
  • digital learning and development
  • digital identity and well being.

How to use the framework:

  • Identify your existing skills using the Discovery Tool self-assessment and utilise the resources provided in your individual summary report at the end.
  • If you are new to the University look at the resources specifically designed for staff and students just joining us.
  • Use the resource finder to search for a range of resources to support development of the capability areas.

Our Digital Capabilities Framework

Resources to help you assess and develop your digital capabilities


Self-assess your skills across the 6 digital capability areas.<br>

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The Discovery Tool
Self-assess your skills across the six digital capability areas.


</p><div><p>We have a range of resources for new staff and students created specifically to help you get started with all things digital at the University of Plymouth. &nbsp;</p></div><div><p>In addition, if you are new to a management role here we have a set of resources for management essentials to support the digital skills you and your team might require.</p></div><p></p>

New to the University or new to a management role?
Resources for new staff and students to help you get started with all things digital. Included is a set of resources to support new managers.


A searchable page of xxx number of resources and online courses at different skill levels to help you develop your digital skills in any of the capability areas identified.<br></p>

Resource and course finder
Internal and external resources and courses to help you develop your digital skills in any or all of the capability areas outlined in the framework.

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