Digital Capabilities

Digital capabilities are integral to personal, academic and professional development. This resource aims to support students and staff in developing these capabilities. In the broadest sense, digital capabilities may be defined as those skills, knowledge and practices that enable an individual to understand and interact with the digital world effectively and safely. Digital capabilities mediate how well a person is able to utilise digital tools and services aimed at supporting learning and, for many professions, they will impact on subsequent employability. Teaching staff need to meet expectations around delivering digitally and supporting the necessary digital capabilities required by a twenty-first century graduate.

Explore your overall digital capabilities

The Jisc discovery tool is a developmental tool that students and staff can use to self-assess their digital capabilities. It can help you to identify your existing strengths and identify any areas for development. 

The tool takes you through a series of reflective questions based on the six areas of the Jisc Digital Capabilities framework. Once you have completed it you will receive a personalised report with suggested next steps and links to developmental resources.

Self-assess your digital skills today with the Discovery Tool

Supporting students

We have a student digital capability resource that offers a way to learn more about the digital tools and practices specific to the University of Plymouth through the use of an interactive ePortfolio. The process encourages self-reflection and identification of development needs before offering ‘one-stop-shop’ access/signposting to training, development and support.

How could this be used?

  • After students complete the Discovery tool self-assessment (recommend all students complete this during induction), this student digital capability resource could be a follow-on Plymouth specific activity for their ongoing development of digital skills
  • deploy to aid in transition to university life for example as part of induction and immersive module embed as part of programme PDP
  • use as part of the framework to key stages of personal tutoring.

Please email the Digital Education team if you are interested in using this resource.

Supporting staff

Digital induction for staff

This resource offers staff one-stop-shop access to useful information and guidance around digital capabilities. It offers a host of information and links to a variety of resources to support developing such capabilities, ranging from systems they need to access and use as employees to those that can enhance and innovate their professional and teaching practice. it is highly recommended that this resource is included in all new staff induction programmes so colleagues are aware of it from the start of their time at Plymouth, but it is equally useful as a resource for existing staff.

Access the Digital induction for staff resource.