Economic and social impact
  • A We support 4,777 FTE jobs in the city of Plymouth
  • ( Our activities were worth c.£900m to UK economy
  • & Over 40% of staff contribute to public engagement, widening participation events
  • ] We support 8,769 FTE jobs
  • c Staff delivered 255,000 hours of public service
  • Ä We've contributed in-kind investment of nearly £2m
  • } Students delivered >27,400 hours of general voluntary work in 2016/17
  • * Student contribution to the surrounding community in 2016/17 was more than £427k
  • ` Over a quarter of staff work collaboratively (pro bono) with local organisations

"The University of Plymouth commissioned a detailed and comprehensive independent analysis of its socio-economic impact upon the city, region and UK. The summary provides an overview of some of the key figures and findings."

Based upon robust data, we now know that the University contributes nearly £900 million of output to the UK economy, £474.5 million to UK GDP and supports 8,769 FTE jobs. The value to the South West, to our two Local Enterprise Partnership areas, and to the city of Plymouth is no less profound and far-reaching. Whether in the form of direct expenditure, indirect supply chain impact or benefits in kind through public activity (where over 40 per cent of staff contributed to public engagement and widening participation events), the University is a key player in the regional economy and truly embedded in the cultural landscape.

Universities are so much more than degree-awarding seats of learning. They are drivers for economic innovation and advancement, catalysts for social change and champions of cultural development. This impact report demonstrates compelling evidence of all three in our varied activities. Our sincere thanks to Viewforth Consulting for conducting this in-depth and extensive survey.

Professor Judith Petts CBE
University of Plymouth

University of Plymouth key drivers

Visitors on a tour of the campus in the Marine Building Wave Tank
Economic innovation and advancement
A group of dental students are visiting Ford Primary School to demonstrate oral hygiene to the pupils.
Catalysts for social change
Peninsula Arts Gallery
Champions of cultural development

Assessment criteria

  • * Economic impact of the University’s expenditure
  • S Distribution of impact across the South West
  • < The University’s far-reaching impact and significance for society

The report is a summary of an extensive study of the economic, social, and cultural impact that the University of Plymouth has upon its communities.

It presents a number of key findings and provides an overview of some of the many and varied ways in which the University, its staff and students, generate economic benefit and wider social and cultural value.