Applicant journey timeline

One year before your application

  • ' Research courses and universities
  • & Attend university open days and UCAS conventions
  • A Speak to teachers and discuss predicted grades – make realistic choices
  • ; Decide which five institutions to apply to
  • b Explore subject choices and career paths by attending open days and reading prospectuses

Summer of year 12 and beginning of year 13

  • & 1 September – UCAS application cycle opens
  • 3 15 October – deadline for the application to Oxford or Cambridge and courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science
  • @ 26 January – deadline for UK applicants to be guaranteed equal consideration (you're advised to apply before this deadline)
  • . Complete the UCAS application forms
  • = Gather together qualifications achieved and currently undertaking
  • . Write a personal statement
  • ? Teachers to write a student academic reference to support your application
  • % Submit application form to UCAS
  • b Sit any additional entry admissions tests (for example, UKCAT/BMAT for Medicine/Dentistry)

September onwards (depending on when UCAS form submitted)

  • A Wait for decisions – the length of time varies across all institutions
  • ? Offers, decliners, invitations to interviews start to arrive – check UCAS Hub
  • ' Attend interview and university offer holder days to help make an informed choice on which university to study with


  • J UCAS Extra opens for students who have declined all their offers or not received any

End of April/May (you'll be informed by UCAS of exact deadline)

  • @ Accept/decline offers
  • ) Inform UCAS of firm/first choice and insurance/second choice


  • & Results day
  • H If: Firm choice grades met – wait for confirmation of place from UCAS/university
  • 3 Or: Firm choice grades not met – check with firm choice university; if not accepted contact insurance choice

On and after results day

  • & If you choose adjustment, you have five calendar days to find an alternative place
  • ?Confirmation and Clearing
  • 0 Firm/insurance choice grades not met or no offers held – enter Clearing. Contact universities for vacancies
  • 0 Firm choice grades met and exceeded – you may be eligible for adjustment. Contact universities with vacancies available through adjustment to ask about options available


  • ' Start university
  • & Placed students start university – induction and enrolment