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As an undergraduate at Plymouth, there are plenty of funding options available, including tuition fee loans, living cost loans, scholarships, bursaries and support funds. 
If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Student Financial Support Team.

Tuition fee loans

At the University of Plymouth, all Home (UK) and EU students are able to apply for a tuition fee loan equivalent to their fee.  
The tuition fees specific to a course or programme are shown in the Fees, costs and funding section of each undergraduate course and postgraduate programme web page. 
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Living cost loans

Home (UK) students are eligible to apply for a living cost loan (also called maintenance loans) if you’re studying full time. This is to help towards your day-to-day spending such as food, travel and accommodation.
In 2024/25 the maximum annual loan available will be:
  • Students living at home £8,610
  • Students living away from home £10,227
  • Students who are eligible for benefits and living at parental home £10,158 
  • Students who are eligible for benefits living away from parental home £11,658
You won’t have to repay your tuition fee or living costs loans until you graduate and earn over £25,000 a year. This figure is updated in April every year. You will pay 9% of everything your earn above the £25,000 threshold. If you haven’t repaid the loan 40 years after you left the University, any remaining debt will be written off.

Living cost loans: living at home rates 2024/25

Annual household income Repayable living cost loan
£25,000 or less £8,610
£30,000 £7,887
£35,000 £7,163
£40,000 £6,440
£42,875 £6,024
£45,000 £5,716
£50,000 £4,993
£55,000 £4,269
£58,291 and over £3,790

Living cost loans: living away from home rates 2024/25

Annual household income Repayable living cost loan
£25,000 or less £10,227
£30,000 £9,497
£35,000 £8,766
£40,000 £8,035
£42,875 £7,614
£45,000 £7,304
£50,000 £6,573
£55,000 £5,842
£60,000 £5,111
£62,343 and over £4,767

Additional funding


Supporting students with the cost of living

The cost of living in the UK has risen faster than household income, meaning that most people will have less to spend on essential goods and services. This is an ongoing situation that is likely to affect everyone in some way. 
The University provides advice and guidance and has a range of services, facilities and offers to help students with rising everyday costs.
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