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The International Student Emergency Fund (ISEF) is a 'one time only' discretionary payment to provide some financial support to enrolled University of Plymouth international students who find themselves incurring unexpected costs which will result in financial hardship. 
Awards are made to cover essential living costs or the cost of flights home and will be assessed and awarded on a case-by-case basis. 
Funds are limited, so applications for the 2023/24 academic year will be accepted up to Friday 5 July 2024 or until the funds are exhausted, whichever comes sooner.
This award payment is provided by the University of Plymouth and is not classed as UK public funds.

Unexpected costs considered for funding  ✓

  • You have been the victim of crime or fraud 
  • You are fleeing domestic violence or abuse
  • You have suffered a domestic disaster in the UK (e.g., a house fire or flood)
  • Your sponsor is experiencing financial problems (e.g., from unemployment or ill health) which have affected you financially 
  • You need to urgently return to your home country
  • Costs incurred as a result of a disability, ill health or caring responsibilities 

Costs not considered for funding  ✗

  • Your family members need financial support
  • Payment of tuition fees
  • Payment of non-priority debts
  • Anticipated living costs
  • Costs arising from poor budgeting or excessive non-essential spending
  • Costs arising from gambling

Students who can apply  ✓

  • You are an international student who is paying the overseas rate of tuition fees.
  • You have used up all available credit, including any bank overdraft. If your bank statements show available funds, your application will be rejected.
  • You are engaged with and attending your classes or tutorials and completing assessments where applicable.

Students who cannot apply  ✗

  • You are a UPIC or academic partnership student.  
  • You are an EU student in receipt of a tuition fee loan from Student Finance (you can instead apply for the EU Hardship Fund).
  • You are an EU student in receipt of a tuition fee loan and a loan for maintenance from Student Finance (you can instead apply for the Financial Support Fund).

How to apply

You will need to complete an application form which will be assessed to determine your eligibility. To find out more or to get an application form, please contact the Student Hub. Before your application will be considered, you will need to provide: 
  • Two recent online bank statements for all accounts (a balance slip is not sufficient)
  • Evidence of your current financial situation and any information detailed in your supporting statement