Why did you complete the APP745 Research methodology and application module? What were your reasons?
I feel that completing this module has given me a clear understanding of how to access, retrieve and interpret a range of evidence and data from a variety of sources. It has been extremely helpful with research techniques as this course has a very comprehensive approach to research methodology and application. It also provided me with an extended awareness of current evidence-based practice that can be utilised to pursue my dreams in the Surgical Care Practitioner career path.

What did study APP745 Research methodology and application module allow you to now do either clinically or academically?
From a professional standpoint, I foresee the knowledge and exposure gained from the course benefitting me in the future. I was able gather a sufficient amount of literature search on my own to complete the assignment. I am particularly pleased with the research proposal and evidence-based recommendations I came up with, and I think this is the aim of all learning to be able to move up the learning curve and to be able to use the knowledge gained in everyday practice.

How has studying the APP745 Research methodology and application module benefitted you academically?
As a trainee Surgical Care Practitioner, the module has benefitted me tremendously. It has given me a good grounding in research methodology and application which is perfect as I am looking to expand my clinical knowledge base into evidence-based clinical practice.

How has studying the APP745 Research methodology and application module benefitted you clinically?
This course has been one of the best learning experiences for me as I have found myself continually wanting to evaluate current practice. Integrating research evidence into clinical practice involves incorporating evidence into action and assessing the effects. This is a critical component in bringing learning in action.

What were your favourite parts of the APP745 Research methodology and application module?
The webinar allowed the course to become very accessible and practical. Moreover, it was presented in a very logical and systematic order. There was plenty of information set out in the presentation slides in an easy-to-understand format. Having the course structured into different sessions has been helpful for me in approaching the course and fitting it into a busy work-life schedule.
How has studying the APP745 Research methodology and application module benefitted you in your career?
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has been a precious learning experience. I am becoming an adept researcher and ever more skilled in finding ways to re-phrase my new knowledge. The necessity of the literature reviews continued to bring in not only the theoretical knowledge but also the more practical aspects that can be disseminated making the course that much more beneficial.

Would you recommend studying the APP745 Research methodology and application module to others? If so, please give your reasons
Yes, I will recommend this course to anyone wanting to advance his or her academic and clinical practice through research application. The course was very well designed. The structure of the course allows the student to independently choose a research topic for a narrative review which will then be guided by webinars and set presentations for the students to follow. The more you put into the course, the more you take away.

Would you recommend studying at the University of Plymouth to others? If so, please give your reasons.
I love the University of Plymouth and I would recommend it to everyone. It has been a fantastic experience so far. The campus is excellent and in a great location in the city. I have made good friends and, I find my programme incredibly interesting. Studying at Plymouth has been transformative for me, and I am delighted that I decided to come here.

What kind of support from the University of Plymouth did you receive when you were studying the APP745 Research methodology and application module?
I appreciate the excellent service from the module teachers who dealt with any query promptly and always gave a clear, concise and constructive feedback. Further guidance and helpful advice are way beyond anything I have ever received during my previous university experience. The module leaders not only provided me with information regarding where I had made errors but also provided me with insights into how I could improve either my analytical approach to narrative review or where I had missed some pertinent information. 
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