Parents supporting their children at university

Studying at the University of Plymouth is a life-changing, transformative experience, and we know that at times of change it’s important to feel supported. Because of that, the University offers a range of support services to students – be that helping them find a part-time job, developing their academic skills, finding accommodation or support with their wellbeing.

But, we also know supporting someone at university – a son, daughter, partner or family member, can also be daunting. This webpage outlines key information about the university experience for those of you who are the parent or supporter of a current student, to help you understand their life at university and how you can help them.

Disclosing student information

Parents, relatives and supporters often contact the University to ask for specific information about a student and/or their studies. Due to the Data Protection Act, the University is unable to disclose any information, even to parents, unless the student has given consent for the University to do so.

We do appreciate that this is a difficult situation and do understand that parents and supporters may be concerned about their son or daughter but without their consent, we can only discuss general University procedure and support.

We always ask that parents and supporters contact students directly rather than trying to make contact via the University and encourage our students to talk to their personal tutors or our support services if they have any issues or concerns. Thank you for your understanding.

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