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This page contains information for University of Plymouth external examiners.  Details on honorarium and expenses claims plus reporting requirements can be found below.

Reporting requirements

Please submit your completed annual report form to your faculty by 31 July – or within six weeks of the meeting of the Subject Assessment Panel or Award Assessment Board if the panel/board meeting is held after that date.
Please download the relevant report form(s) from the options below. These forms are updated each year, so please ensure that you download the most up-to-date versions from this site.

Additional reporting requirements

Award External Examiner
If you hold an Award External Examiner appointment, you are required to complete an additional Award External Examiner’s report.
Additional panels/boards
If more than one panel/board is held in a year (for example, for postgraduate programmes or Continuing Professional Development programmes), you are required to complete an interim subject/award report and/or postgraduate dissertation report, in addition to the annual report. Please use the ‘interim’ version of the subject, award or postgraduate dissertation report template below.
Faculty Quality Administrators will provide additional guidance on reporting requirements and deadlines where this additional requirement applies.

Responding to External Examiners’ reports

You can expect to receive a formal response to your report by the relevant deadline below:
  • Undergraduate courses – 28 September or within four weeks of receipt of the report, if received after this date.
  • Postgraduate programmes – within four weeks of the receipt of the report

Report forms

Please select the relevant report form(s) from the options below.
Not sure which form to complete? Contact externalexaminers@plymouth.ac.uk or the relevant faculty from the list below for further guidance:
Please send your completed report(s) to the relevant faculty from the list above.

Honorarium and expenses claim forms

Please download the relevant claim forms from the options below and return them to the email address listed on the front page of the form. If you are unsure which is the correct faculty please contact externalexaminers@plymouth.ac.uk.
The claim forms are updated each year so please ensure that you download the most up to date version/s from this site.

How much can I claim?

The honorarium you'll be paid is set out in your contract. It is calculated based on the number of modules to be covered and the credit rating of these modules.
If you have any queries about your honorarium please contact the relevant Faculty Quality Administrator (contact details below).
You'll be paid once we've completed your Right to Work check, have received your required report/s and your signed honorarium claim form.

Expenses and honorarium forms

Please return all claims to the email address listed on the honorarium form and the expenses guidance.