External examining (taught programmes)

Why is your role important?

 Your role is essential to the academic well-being of the University, ensuring that:
  • Standards are appropriate by reference to published national subject benchmarks, the National Qualifications Framework and the University’s programme and module specifications.
  • The assessment process measures student achievement against the intended learning outcomes.
  • The assessment process is in line with the University’s Assessment Policy 2021 - 25.
  • Our awards are comparable in standard to awards conferred by other UK HE institutions.
  • The assessment process is operated fairly and equitably and in accordance with University Regulations.

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UK Quality Code for HE

The Code is a key reference point for UK higher education, based on a number of elements that together provide a reference point for effective quality assurance.

Concerns about standards and quality in Higher Education

If you have a serious concern relating to academic standards or quality and you have exhausted all internal procedures, including the submission of a confidential report to the Vice-Chancellor, you may invoke the QAA’s Concerns scheme.

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