A general practice nurse with her mentor

Both the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Health and Care Professions Council expect all professions to support learners from different professions in their workplace and contribute to their assessments to a greater or lesser degree. If this is the case, then the standards apply relating to knowledge about their programme and assessment requirements.

Can you identify any other professions where you have been or may be expected to contribute to the student’s assessment?

Students’ responsibility

The University strongly encourages students to accept responsibility for their own learning.

Within the first two weeks’ students should identify with their Practice Assessor specific learning objectives for the placement. It is expected that they share action plans and assessments from their previous placement. At this time, they should set learning objectives as a learning contract and plan provisional dates for their assessments.

  • The student should consistently demonstrate development and achievement in conjunction with their assessment of practice outcomes and standards of proficiency for the stage of their programme stated on their practice assessment documentation.
  • The student should gather evidence of learning activity for their portfolio.
  • The practice assessor should provide guidance and advice to allow the student to be clear about any short falls in performance and what actions they need to take to address any issues. Further formative assessments can be planned as required.
  • The final interview/summative assessment must take place at a suitable time after the intermediate/formative review towards the end of the placement. It should however, allow time for the student to submit practice paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Students are expected to maintain proficiency; if following summative assessment there is an issue whilst the student is in a placement then an additional statement can be submitted, with advice from the Placement Development Team or personal tutor.
  • As the students gain experience in practice so their skills and confidence will increase. Their progress is reflected in their changing role. Students are supernumerary in all their placements, but are able to take on increasing responsibilities as part of the team.
  • Remember before verifying that the student has achieved the required outcomes/proficiencies during their placement, it is important you are certain that all the evidence they have presented clearly demonstrates competency.
  • You should also consider your accountability as a registered professional and ensure that evidence presented is accurate and appropriate before completing assessments.