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Student Wellbeing Services run a personal development programme to help you get the most from your studies and personal life. They range from one off workshops, regular weekly groups or short courses. Some of them require you to book in advance but this will be made clear in the group information below.

We know people can feel nervous about joining a workshop but feedback we've had from students say it has helped them to feel more supported, more confident and better connected with others. It's sometimes just helpful to know you're not alone in your difficulties.

We'd love to see you.

Sustainable Happiness Workshops

A series of workshops designed to give you the tips, tricks and tools to build, maintain, and sustain happiness. Come along to the targeted sessions to brush up on specific areas, or come along to all of them and get an extensive overview of happiness as a whole.
  • How to Make Happy A Habit
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • How To Be Calm And Confident
  • How To Be Kind To Yourself
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Managing Anxiety

One hour workshop, multiple dates | Sign up for the workshop
Our Anxiety Workshops have been developed to give you the tips and tools that can be helpful in helping to relieve and manage anxiety effectively.
You can join with or without your camera or audio, there will be no pressure on you to show yourself or speak if you do not want to. There is no call for participation unless you would like to. Any questions can be put to the facilitators through the chat function.
Once signed up, you will receive an email invite to the session chosen which will include the Zoom link.
Additionally you can access our managing stress and anxiety webinar via Youtube. The webinar shares some strategies to take with you and practice in your day to day life. Best of all it’s available to watch whenever and wherever you choose.
Mental health

Calm and Zoom

Every Tuesday, 12:00 – 13:00 | Sign up

If you have experienced shock, trauma or loss or are stressed, you might find it helpful to understand how this can impact on your psychological and physical health and wellbeing. In this group you can learn and practice effective techniques that will support you to soothe and regulate distressing symptoms, such as flashbacks, panic attacks, sleep problems and difficulty focusing. It is a safe, comfortable and relaxing space to explore techniques that will be most helpful and supportive for you.

Please note, this is NOT a therapy group. We will not be talking about any personal or distressing information. The focus is on developing our own personal strategies and techniques so hopefully you will go away with a good support plan and helpful ‘calm kit’.

You should find it a calming, relaxing, safe and supportive environment.

If you are unable to attend, you can access three recorded sessions as well as an introduction video.

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Look After Your Mate

Students often come to us with concerns about their friends and peers. This workshop, developed by Student Minds, will give you the necessary tips and tools to support a friend in need: spotting the signs that your friend is struggling, how to start a conversation and support them and when to signpost for further help – as well as looking after yourself in the process.
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Mood Boost – Managing low mood 

4 week course 
The mood boost course is all about learning new skills and tools which you can use to feel better, happier, more relaxed and confident and less sad, irritated or worried. This course runs over four weekly sessions and encourages you to try new tools and put them into practice so that you make a start on building new mood boost habits.
Dates: New dates to be announced
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Wellbeing Walks

University of Plymouth have linked up with the South West Coast Path Association to offer students the opportunity to explore the coast path around Plymouth and the surrounding area. The South West Coast Path is England's longest waymarked long-distance footpath and a National Trail.
There are multiple benefits of accessing this important National Trail for health and wellbeing and promote the use of the Path for exercise and a chance to connect with the stunning local environment. There are many studies that support the wellbeing benefits, including the benefits for people’s mental health relating to exercise, spending time outdoors and connecting with nature.
We are offering a free walking group for students with travel and drinks provided, to explore the South West Coast Path. Walks are planned for September 2023 to June 2024 (excluding December).
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