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Please read these frequently asked questions below for more information about the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

Information about the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

What is a BRP card?

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a secure identity card that contains personal details and biometric information. It is your visa and is proof of your right to be in the UK as a student. They are only issued to those studying in the UK for more than six months.

Please note that if you are an EU student studying in the UK on a Student visa, you may not receive a BRP card as your visa may be granted digitally.

In the past, a student's initial Student (formerly Tier 4) visa was confirmed by a 'vignette' (a visa sticker) placed in the passport by the British Embassy/Consulate. The visa covered the entire length of their studies.

The new process means that you will now be granted temporary permission to enter the UK on the vignette in your passport.

The vignette will be valid for travel within 30 days (in some cases 90 days) of the proposed date of travel stated on your visa application. If you do not travel to the UK within the 30 day (in some cases 90 days) period, you will have to apply for a new visa. You can come to the UK up to one month before your course starts.

Please do not plan to enter the UK prior to the start date of your Student visa (whether issued as a visa vignette or digitally) as then you will not have activated your Student permission and you will need to leave the UK again in order to do this.

When should I collect my card?

Usually, you must collect your BRP card within ten days of arriving in the UK and your visa decision letter may still state this is required. However, if you are required to self-isolate on arrival in the UK then you must complete the required quarantine period before collecting your BRP. You will not be penalised for this as you must complete the self-isolation period first, that is essential.

If you are collecting from a Post Office you should collect your card as soon as you can, after completing any required Government self-isolation period.

How will I receive my BRP card?

If you applied for your Student visa outside the UK, your BRP card will be sent to a designated Post Office, based on the postcode you used in your visa application.If you have requested your BRP be delivered to a Post Office, you will need to make arrangements to collect this yourself, following any required period of self-isolation first. You will need to take your original passport and Home Office letter with you to collect this. You will then need to inform UKVI Reporting by email at that you have collected the BRP and we will send you the link to the Right to Study check (RTS) online form, so you can upload copies (front and back of BRP card). This will complete your Right to Study check.
Prior to collecting your BRP, you can still complete the right to study check and upload the other documents you have i.e. passport and visa vignette or digital visa status. This is essential, as you will not be able to complete online enrolment until this has been done. Please then upload the BRP separately when you receive it.
If you have applied for your Student visa inside the UK through the Student Immigration Advice team, please contact them regarding receiving your BRP.

What should I do when I receive my BRP card?

Check that all your details are correct. Contact if there are any mistakes immediately and the team can assist you in having errors corrected.

Information for students aged 18 years old and below

If you are not 18 years of age at the time when you are required to collect your BRP card, please refer to the Home Office guidance on the procedure you need to follow.

What if my BRP card is lost/stolen?

Please contact for advice immediately.

Why have I received a visa expiry email?

While you are waiting for your BRP to arrive, the University will record your visa end date as the end date of your visa vignette (the visa pasted into your passport). As the visa vignette is usually only 30 or 90 days long, this may mean that you will receive an automated email from the University that advises you about your visa expiring.Please don’t worry if you do receive these emails, they are generated automatically and there is no need to contact us regarding this. When you receive your BRP card we will ask you to upload a copy through the online right to study check form, your visa expiry date will then be updated to show the expiry date shown on your BRP card. You will not receive the automated emails then until the appropriate time.

What should I do if I have more queries about the BRP process which aren't covered on this website?

Please email for further information and advice.