Supporting you

Who are we?

The residence life, team are here to ensure that students make the most of their time in University managed halls of residence, while feeling safe and supported. The team provides support and advice to help you to settle in and integrate into your first year at university in your new home.

<p>Residence Life team</p>

Your halls team

The halls team are here to provide support to students living in University-managed halls (Francis Drake, Mary Newman, Robbins, Gilwell, Radnor and Pilgrim). They are contactable by either phone or email seven days a week between the hours of 11am - 11pm to provide support. 

During your first few weeks following arrivals you can expect a member of the team to visit your flat and introduce themselves, feel free to ask them any questions you may have concerning your accommodation or our Residence Life events. They will call in monthly after that to check in and ensure that everyone is happy.

If you have any concerns you would like to raise you can speak to the halls team. They will aim to resolve any disputes informally but can escalate issues to our hall officers if necessary. The halls team are based on campus during duty times and can also assist with:

  • noise complaints
  • social distancing complaints
  • concerns regarding Halls
  • COVID-19 queries/issues
  • lock outs
  • trip switches
  • signposting to University services.

How to get in touch

Phone: please call the duty phone number listed on your bedroom poster between the hours of 11:00 - 23:00 

Email: (Monitored 9am-5pm)

If you require emergency support out of the Halls team's working hours please contact security 01752 588400

For medical emergencies please call 999

Hall Officers

Hall officers available Monday - Friday to provide support and to deal with more serious issues and complaints. If you would to prefer discuss any issues you may be facing privately, you can book a confidential telephone appointment with a hall officer via the accommodation portal.

Hall officers can assist with:

  • serious incidents in halls

  • formal complaints e.g. regarding behaviour, maintenance

  • early leaver process.

Please click here to see our step by step guide on how to book a Hall Officer appointment 


Security are onsite 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our security staff make regular visits to on-campus halls and areas surrounding halls to ensure your safety. They should be your first point of contact for the following reasons:

  • serious incidents in halls
  • out of hours support (11pm-9am) e.g. lockouts, noise complaint, social distancing complaint
  • to alert them of any suspicious behaviour
  • if you require first aid. In an emergency always call 999.

To contact security please call 01752 588400

COVID-19 support and advice while living in halls

Our dedicated halls team are here to help ensure that our halls remain safe, and that all residents abide by social distancing rules and relevant government guidance. They are also available to provide support and advice to those who have any concerns about government guidance / social distancing measures not being followed by flatmates.

If you are concerned that social distancing measures are not being followed in your flat, please report it to your halls team immediately.

Below are some examples on what to do if you have any of these COVID-19 related concerns.

What if I develop symptoms? Will I get support to self-isolate?

In line with current guidance you will self-isolate in your flat and if you are tested positive flatmates will also be required to self-isolate as a household. You will need to inform us if you think you have symptoms. You can do this on the accommodation portal. The halls team will assist you with:

  • getting a COVID-19 test
  • delivering any groceries or essential items
  • informing housemates of the need to self-isolate
  • keeping in contact with you throughout self-isolation
  • signposting to University services e.g. wellbeing, academic support.

It is essential that all new students register with the University medical practice on arrival. The halls team will remind you to do this once you arrive.

My flatmates keep inviting other people to our flat:

Contact your halls team on the duty number between 11am – 11pm. They will meet with your flat and try to informally resolve the issue. If the behaviour continues it could result in an on the spot fine, disciplinary action or termination of the licence.

I’m concerned about my flatmates cleanliness:

Contact your halls team on the duty number between 11am-11pm. They will meet with your flat to try and informally resolve the issue. They may arrange regular meetings to ensure the situation has improved and will escalate as appropriate.

What if my flatmate has symptoms but doesn’t self-isolate?

Contact your halls team on the duty number between 11am – 11pm. If you have concerns that a fellow resident is not following advice we can support conversations and resolve informally wherever possible. We hope that all members of the community will be responsible and in many cases, the symptoms will not be COVID-19 related. However it is important to follow guidance and arrange a test to reassure yourself and flatmates.