How do I pay for my accommodation?

Find out how and when to pay for your accommodation

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2022/2023 payment dates

New starters – Once you have signed your licence agreement, a two weeks' advance rent must be paid within seven days of your room offer. This is not a deposit; it is the first two weeks of your rent and it secures your booking. 
Rent instalments are due around the following times across the academic year:
Late October – rent instalment due (13 weeks' rent).
Late January – rent instalment due (13 weeks' rent).
Late April – rent instalment due (13 weeks' rent).
How do I log in to make a payment?
Please visit our Accommodation Portal. If it is your first time visiting the Portal, you will need to enter the email address you used for your UCAS application and your student number. This will send an email to your account within 30 minutes with a link for you to set your password. Please note: this link is only valid for 1 hour. If the link expires, you can generate another link using the Portal.

I want to make a payment for my accommodation
When your payment is due you’ll automatically receive an email asking you to log in to our accommodation portal and pay using a credit or debit card.

When are my payments due throughout the year?
Rent due dates tie in with payments from the student finance company. These will be detailed in your licence agreement which you will receive in June. You can also find these in your Halls Handbook and you'll receive reminders to let you know when the next rent instalment is due.

Where can I find my contract length and room costs?
You will receive a copy of your licence agreement after booking your room detailing the dates and room costs. Please remember that you are liable to pay rent for the full duration of your licence.

Bank transfers
If you have paid via bank transfer, please email us with the amount of money and date that the transfer occurred.

Money matters
If you need advice about managing your money you may like to speak to a member of the UPSU Advice Centre or the Student Funding Unit. Please note that we can only speak to someone about your account if they have third party permission.
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