Smiling woman using laptop at the bar (Getty Images)

We recommend that all students have access to their own technology to access their programme including the right hardware (for example, a laptop), software and connectivity (for example, broadband).

If you’re purchasing a laptop, you should review the specifications listed below although, if you’re unsure about the requirements for your course, make sure to ask your programme team before you buy anything.

Minimum specification for machines

Enabling use of University web-based systems and general purpose applications such as Office365:

  • Intel Core i3
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSD Storage
  • Full HD Display or equivalent
  • Windows 10.

Recommended specification

For students intending to run a variety of software applications:

  • Intel Core i5
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD Storage
  • Full HD Display or equivalent
  • Windows 10.


If your programme requires the use of applications that are computing or graphics intensive (for example, CAD, gaming, film or design) you may need a higher specification computer.

In this case, please contact your programme team for advice.

Open access to equipment and software

The University provides a remote desktop access service to PCs on campus. This enables students to access the majority of University software, from their own device without travelling to campus.

For more information about how you can study remotely and making the best use of university resources, visit our student online learning information.

If you find that obtaining the right technology is difficult because of financial reasons, the university might be able to support you. Have a look at our bursaries and other funding options.