Mrs Zoe Doran

Mrs Zoe Doran

Researcher in Residence

Faculty of Health



Research Assistant - D-PACT 

Community and Primary Care Research Group


MSc Psychological Research Methods

BSc (Hons) Psychology




Doran, Z., Shankar, R., Keezer, M. R., Dale, C., McLean, B., Kerr, M. P., ... & Sander, J. W. (2016). Managing antiā€epileptic drug treatment in adult patients with intellectual disability: a serious conundrum. European journal of neurology, 23(7), 1152-1157.

Shankar, R., Doran, Z., McLean, B. N., Walker, M. C., Sander, L. J., Cox, D., ... & Laugharne, R. (2015, June). A register for collecting and measuring outcomes of licensed anti-epileptic drugs in patients with epilepsy and intellectual disability and/or pervasive developmental disorders. In EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY (Vol. 22, pp. 64-64). 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA: WILEY-BLACKWELL.

Shankar, R., Henley, W., Wehner, T., Wiggans, C., McLean, B., Pace, A., ... & Sander, J. W. (2017). Perampanel in the general population and in people with intellectual disability: differing responses. Seizure, 49, 30-35.


The use of antiepileptic medication in adults with intellectual disabilities: Epilepsy and intellectual Disabilities 2nd Edition, Springer Science and Business Media.

Presentations and posters

ILAE UK 2016 Satellite Symposia: Talk on the role of Perampanel in patients with intellectual disability

The safety and efficacy of Perampanel among different groups of people with intellectual disability using the UK anti-epileptic drug using the EP-ID register.

12 European Congress on Epileptology, Prague, Czech Republic, Epilepsia, 57, 6-225

Perampanel usage: Highlights from the UK EP-ID research register. A 10-year project to collect and measure outcomes for licensed AEDs in PWE & ID.

European Epilepsy Conference, Prague 09/2016

Preliminary data on Perampanel-establishing the utility of the Cornwall UK Intellectual Disability (ID) Anti-Epileptic Drug (AED) Register used for collecting and measuring outcomes of licensed AEDs in Patients with Epilepsy (PWE) and ID

International Epilepsy Conference Istanbul 09/2015

Prescribing for epilepsy in adult patients with an intellectual disability and/or pervasive developmental disorder, a systemic review

1st Congress of the European Academy of Neurology, Berlin 06/2015

The Cornwall antipsychotic pregnancy register-workshop session

World Congress of Psychiatry- Madrid 09/2014