Mr Yogang Singh

Mr Yogang Singh

School of Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD Student


  • Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech)-Mechanical Engineering from SRM University, Chennai, India- 2010.(CGPA : 9.69/10)

  • Worked at Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, India on the position of “Project Associate” from “26-July-2010” to “25-Oct-2010” ( 3 Months) in the project of “Naval Research Board” (NRB) titled: “Synthetic Jet for Propulsion and Maneuvering of Underwater Vehicles”.

  • Worked at Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur,India on the position of “Project Associate” from “04-Jan-2011” to “24-May-2011” (5 Months) in the project of “Department of Science and Technology” (DST) titled: “Swarna Jayanti Fellowship Micro Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry Development for Bio-Medical and MEMS Application”.

  • Worked at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology-Allahabad, India on the position of “Project Assistant” from “06-September-2011” to “30-April-2012” (8 Months) in the project of “Aeronautical Research & Development Board”(ARDB) titled: “Electro Discharge Diamond Grinding: Development & Optimization”.

  • Master of Science (by Research)- Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M), Chennai, India- 2016 (CGPA: 10/10).

  • Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy in recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education at Plymouth University, United Kingdom in Year 2017 (PGCAP)

Professional membership

  • Associate member of SAE INDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers, India).
  • Associate member of ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heat, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers).
  • RINA (Royal Institution of Naval Architects)
  • IEEE Graduate Student Member/ Ocean Engineering Society- Member number: 93284734 (Expired on 31st December, 2015)
  • MTS (Marine Technology Society )- Member number: 21144

Teaching interests

  • Statics and Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
  • Computer Aided Surface Development of Marine Vehicles
  • Experimental Methods and Measurements in Ocean Engineering
  • Guidance and Control of Marine Vehicles
  • Wave Hydrodynamics
  • CFD in Marine Vehicles

Research interests

  • Design and Development of Marine Vehicles
  • Path Planning
  • CFD approaches to Marine Vehicles

Grants & contracts

  • “CBSE Merit Certificate” for being among top 0.1% successful candidates from all India inHigher Secondary School Examination-2003 in Hindi Course-A.

  • Certificate of Merit for Academic Excellence in Mechanical Engineering Department in the academic year 2006-07 at SRM University.

  • SRM Merit Scholarship of 25000/-INR annually for securing the first rank in Mechanical EngineeringDepartment in the academic year 2008-09 & 2009-10 at SRM University, India.

  • MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India Scholarship for pursuing Master of Science (By Research) at IIT Madras for a duration of three years.

  • IIT Madras International Travel Grant and IIT Madras Alumni Grant to attend and present a technical paper in OCEANS 2014 held at St. John’s, NL, Canada during 14-19 September, 2014.

  • “Best Student Poster Award” in IEEE/OES International Symposium in Underwater  Technology, UT-15, on February 23-25, 2015 held at NIOT, Chennai.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship under Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan  (CSFP) tenable in the United Kingdom at Plymouth University to pursue PhD in School of Marine Science and Engineering (SoMSE) from the year 2015-2018.

  • School of Marine Science and Engineering (SoMSE) Doctoral Training Centre Award under SoMSE, Plymouth University of £200 towards attending conference “International Conference on Advances in Subsea Engineering,Structures and Systems (ASESS 2016)” in Glasgow, United Kingdom held on 6-7 June, 2016.

International Journals
  • Y. Singh, Bhattacharyya, S.K. and Idichandy, V.G. "CFD Approach to Modelling, Hydrodynamic Analysis and Motion Characteristics of a Laboratory Underwater Glider with Experimental Results". Journal of Ocean Engineering and Sciences, 2(2), 2017, Pages 90-119, ISSN 2468-0133 2017.(DOI: ).

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R. "Optimal Path Planning of Marine Vehicles".Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences ((Accepted for publication)).

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R. "Towards use of Dijkstra Algorithm for Optimal navigation of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle in a Real- Time Marine Environment with results from Artificial Potential Field". Submitted to International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation.

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Sutton,R., Hatton, D. and Khan, A. "A constrained A* approach  towards optimal path planning of an unmanned surface vehicle  in a maritime environment containing dynamic obstacles and ocean currents". Submitted to Ocean Engineering.
International Conferences
  • Y. Singh. “Comparative study of Tribological, Mechanical and Microstructural properties of A356 Aluminium Matrix Composites reinforced with Alumina for Bearing Application” 3rd Asian Symposium on Material and Processing-(ASMP 2012), IIT Madras, Chennai, India, August 30-31, 2012. (Poster)
  • Y. Singh. “Steady State Trajectory Simulation of an Underwater Glider”.  International Workshop on Underwater Technologies, NIOT, Chennai, India, October 21, 2012. (Poster)

  • Y. Singh, Bhattacharyya, S.K. and Idichandy, V.G. "CFD approach to steady state analysis of an underwater glider." 2014 Oceans-St. John's, Canada. IEEE, 2014.(DOI:

  • V.K., Upadhyay, Singh, Y. and Idichandy, V.G. "Modelling and control of an underwater laboratory glider." Underwater Technology (UT), 2015 IEEE. IEEE, 2015. (Best Student Poster) (DOI:

  • K. Palaniappan, Singh, Y. and  Idichandy, V. G. "Numerical study of a twin sphere pressure hull and outer fairing for manned submersible." Underwater Technology (UT), 2015 IEEE. IEEE, 2015.(DOI:

  • Y. Singh, Polvara, R., Sharma, S., Hatton, D., Sutton, R. and Wan, J. "Design of a Variable Buoyancy Engine for Small Scale Underwater Vehicle". International Conference on Advances in Subsea Engineering, Structures and Systems (ASESS-2016), 6-7th June 2016, Glasgow, UK.

  • W. Abed, Polvara, R., Singh, Y., Sharma, S., Hatton, D., Andrew, M., Sutton, R. and Wan, J. "Advanced Feature Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Fault Diagnosis". 11th  UKACC (United Kingdom Automatic Control Council) International Conference on Control,31stAugust - 2nd  September, 2016, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK  (DOI: 10.1109/CONTROL.2016.7737596)

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R. "Path Planning of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle based on Artificial Potential Fields in a Real-TimeMarine Environment".   16th International Conference on  Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT 2017), 15-17 May, Cardiff, UK. (URL:

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R. "Optimal Path Planning of an Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle in a Real-Time Marine Environment using Dijkstra Algorithm". International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (TransNav 2017), 21-23rd June. Gdynia, Poland. (DOI:

  • T Szyrowski, Bogdan, P., Khan, A., Pemberton, R., Sharma, S.K., Singh, Y., Polvara, R. "Range Extension for Electromagnetic Detection of Subsea Power and Telecommunication Cables.". International Conference on Marine Electromagnetics (MARELEC 2017) ,27 June- 30 June, 2017, Liverpool, UK.

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R." USV Navigation in a Real-Time Map using Intelligent Path Planner". 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics, Automation and Smart Materials, 13 November- 14 November 2017, Paris, France. (DOI:

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R." Feasibility study of Dijkstra Algorithm for Optimal Path Planning of an USV in a maritime environment with dynamic obstacles and ocean currents" Under Consideration for : 17th International Conference on  Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT 2018), 14-16 May, Pavone, Italy.

  • Y. Singh, Sharma, S., Hatton, D., and Sutton, R. "Artificial Potential Field for Path Planning of an Uninhabited Surface Vehicle in a Real-Time Marine Environment". UK Robotics Week, 30thJune, 2016, Plymouth, UK.

  • Y. Singh, Steve, R."Collaborative Marine Autonomy". Invited  Presentation at Year of Autonomy Event by QinetiQ (Portsdown Technology Park), 28th February 2017, Portsmouth, UK.

Reports & invited lectures

Invited Presentations in following events:

1. Y. Singh, S. Sharma, D. Hatton, and R. Sutton. "Artificial Potential Field for Path Planning of an Uninhabited Surface Vehicle in a Real-Time Marine Environment". UK Robotics Week, 30th June, 2016, Plymouth, UK.

2.  Y. Singh, S. Rice."Collaborative Autonomy for Multi-Vehicle Systems in the Marine Environment". Year of Autonomy Event, 28th February, 2017, Portsmouth, UK.

Represented Autonomous Marine Systems Research Group in Following Events:

1. 4-6 April, Ocean Business 2017, Southampton, UK.

Other academic activities

Reviewer for the following Peer Reviewed International Journals:

1. Ocean Engineering (Publisher: Elsevier)

2. Universal Journal of Engineering Science (Publisher: Horizon Research)

3.  Ships and Offshore Structures (Publisher: Taylor and Francis)

4.  International Journal of Control (Publisher: Taylor and Francis)

5. Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology (Publisher: Taylor and Francis)

6. Underwater Technology (Publisher: Society for Underwater Technology)

7. Frontiers of Information Technology and Electronic Engineering  (Publisher: Taylor and Francis)

8. Advances in Mechanical Engineering (Publisher: SAGE) 

Reviewed papers for the following Peer Reviewed International Conferences:

1. CLAWAR 2016.

2. IFAC 2017.

In News:

1. - Special mention in RINA News article about COMPIT 2017.

2. - Best Student Poster Award mention in IEEE OES Newsletter