Dr Wai Mun Lim

Dr Wai Mun Lim

Associate Head of School - International

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Director of Professional Doctorates,
Associate Professor of Service Management

A vision-driven change agent with a career-long record of programme management and quality assurance in higher education across national jurisdictions.
Her research portfolio centres around the intersection of digitalization, service value enhancement, and co-creation through digital platforms. 
Fostering a comprehensive understanding of how digital strategies reshape service ecosystems, driving sustainable growth and customer-centric excellence.


  • EdD (Doctor of Education), University of Cambridge, UK
  • PhD Business Management, University of Plymouth, UK
  • M.B.A., University of Leicester, UK
  • B.A. Economics and Sociology, National University of Singapore
Professional Certifications:
  • Certified Quality Auditor: ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor qualification (2018)
  • Big Data: Insights into Data, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (2017)

Professional membership

  • Certified Management Business Educators (CMBE)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Fellow of the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (FCTH)

Roles on external bodies

- Quality and Standards Reviewer
- 2022 Reviewer for the Subject Benchmark Statements for Business and Management
Cyprus Quality Assurance Agency (CYQAA):
- Quality Assessor-Higher Education Programmes
External Examiner:University of Surrey (2021-)
External Examiner: London South Bank University (2021-)


Conference Papers
Presentations and posters
Other Publications
Lin, W.L., Leow, N., Ho, R. (In revision) The Influence of Blockchain Technology on Circular Economy Implementation in the Automotive Sector, Business Strategy and the Environment.

Liang, A.R.D., Tung, W., Lin S. (2023) Understanding different types of consumers: A multi-group analysis based on convenience food-related lifestyle, Agriculture and Food, 8 (2): 274-390

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Liang, A.R.D. (2020) Why do consumers buy organic food? Results from an S-O-R model’, Asia Pacifica Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 32 (3), pp. 86-103. DOI 10.1108/APJML-03-2019-0171

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