Dr Wai Mun Lim

Dr Wai Mun Lim

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Service Management

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)


Modules Delivered:
Business Strategy & Finance (UG: Stage 4/Level 6)
Managing Service Innovation (UG: Stage 4/Level 6)

Research Methods (UG: Stage 4/Level 6)
Strategic Hospitality Operations (Masters/ Level 7)
E-Strategies (Masters/ Level 7)

Other roles:
Programme Manager BA (Hons) Hospitality, Tourism & Events Management
Programme leader for PhDs


PhD University of Plymouth, UK 
PG Cert. in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education University of Plymouth, UK
M.B.A. Leicester University, UK 
B.A. (Economics & Sociology) National University of Singapore

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Fellow of the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (FCTH)

Selected papers

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