Mrs Tracey Humphries

Mrs Tracey Humphries

Faculty Research Co-Ordinator

Faculty of Health

Research Coordinator for the Faculty of Health, Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences.

I joined Plymouth University in May 2013 as a Research Administrator working on a variety of projects, supporting the delivery of research and administration within the Primary Care Group at the Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

I have experience of working with Human Resource Management and qualified to Level 4

I have many years’ experience working in the Education sector across a variety of sector skills. I was previously the Head of Academy for a large college where I taught students from age 14 upwards on the theory and practical sides of working with children, being a teaching assistant and all aspects of health and social care. I have been involved in the curriculum development for all related courses and worked closely with awarding bodies and external agencies within these fields.

I have worked with various sector skills teams to develop current training programs for students and employers in line with current legislation. I am an internal verifier for all the awards that were taught in the Faculty of Health and worked closely with the awarding bodies ensuring high standards were maintained. I was involved in the Qualification Credit Framework structure within my sector skills ensuring suitability and rigorous training practices were delivered to ensure high standards of qualifications being achieved.