Dr Tom Heinzl

Dr Tom Heinzl

Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Member of subject group mathematics leading team

Member of workload coordination team
Exams coordinator



  • Diploma in Theoretical Physics (1988)
  • PhD in Theoretical Physics (1992)
  • Habilitation (DSc) in Theoretical Physics (1998)
Awards & Recognition

Professional membership

German Physical Society

Roles on external bodies

  • Member of planned LUXE experiment (DESY, Hamburg)
  • Peer reviewer for many international Physics journals:
    • Annalen der Physik
    • Annals of Physics
    • European Physical Journal C
    • Europhysics Letters
    • Few Body Systems
    • High Power Laser Science and Engineering
    • JHEP
    • Journal of Physics A, B, G
    • Journal of Plasma Physics
    • Nature - Scientific Reports
    • Nature Physics
    • New Journal of Physics
    • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A
    • Optics Letters
    • Physical Review A, D, E, X
    • Physical Review Letters
    • Physica Scripta
    • Physics Letters A, B
  • Referee for Research Councils and Funding Bodies:
    • Austrian Foundation for the Promotion of Science 
    • Czech Science Foundation
    • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) 
    • French National Research Agency (ANR)
    • German Research Foundation (DFG) 
    • Humboldt Foundation, Germany
    • Helmholtz Society, Germany 
    • National Research Foundation, South Africa
    • The Royal Society, UK

Teaching interests

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Applied Mathematics for mathematicians, engineers and scientists
  • Statistical Methods

Research interests

  • Laser Particle Physics
  • Relativistic Laser Matter Interactions
  • Physics of Strong Interactions
  • (Light Cone) Quantum Field Theory
  • Gauge Theories

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

  • 10 physics diploma students (co-supervision, Germany)
  • 5 PhD students (co-supervision, Germany and France)
  • 3 PhD students, UoP, 2010, 2013, 2019

Grants & contracts

  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant (2016-18) for Dr Anton Ilderton (Awarded £ 131 k)
  • Leverhulme grant (2019-22) with Dr Anton Ilderton (Awarded £ 122 k)

For an updated list of my publications please follow the link to Google Scholar. Alternatively, check INSPIRE, the high energy physics information system. Publications since 1992 may be downloaded via these sites. 

Key publications are highlighted

Ansell L, Heinzl T & Ilderton A 2018 'Superintegrable relativistic systems in scalar background fields' Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Author Site PEARL
Heinzl T, Ilderton A & Seipt D 2018 'Mode truncations and scattering in strong fields' Physical Review D 98, (1) , DOI PEARL
Heinzl T & Ilderton A 2017 'Superintegrable relativistic systems in spacetime-dependent background fields' Journal of Physcis A: Mathematical and Theoretical Author Site , DOI PEARL
Seipt D, Heinzl T, Marklund M & Bulanov SS 2017 'Depletion of Intense Fields' Physical Review Letters 118, (15) , DOI PEARL
Heinzl T & Ilderton A 2017 'Exact Classical and Quantum Dynamics in Background Electromagnetic Fields' Physical Review Letters 118, (11) , DOI PEARL
Schlenvoigt H-P, Heinzl T, Schramm U, Cowan TE & Sauerbrey R 2016 'Detecting vacuum birefringence with x-ray free electron lasers and high-power optical lasers: a feasibility study' Physica Scripta 91, (2) 023010-023010 , DOI
Heinzl T, Ilderton A & King B 2016 'Classical and quantum particle dynamics in univariate background fields' Physical Review D 94, 065039-065039 PEARL
King B & Heinzl T 2016 'Measuring vacuum polarization with high-power lasers' High Power Laser Science and Engineering 4, e5-e5 PEARL
Heinzl T, Harvey C, Ilderton A, Marklund M, Bulanov SS, Rykovanov S, Schroeder CB, Esarey E & Leemans WP 2015 'Detecting radiation reaction at moderate laser intensities' Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys 91, (2) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Dinu V, Heinzl T, Ilderton A, Marklund M & Torgrimsson G 2014 'Photon polarization in light-by-light scattering: Finite size effects' PHYSICAL REVIEW D 90, (4) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Dinu V, Heinzl T, Ilderton A, Marklund M & Torgrimsson G 2014 'Vacuum refractive indices and helicity flip in strong-field QED' PHYSICAL REVIEW D 89, (12) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Bakker BLG, Bassetto A, Brodsky SJ, Broniowski W, Dalley S, Frederico T, Glazek SD, Hiller JR, Ji C-R & Karmanov V 2014 'Light-front quantum chromodynamics' Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements 251-252, 165-174 , DOI PEARL
Dinu V, Heinzl T & Ilderton A 2012 'Infrared divergences in plane wave backgrounds' PHYSICAL REVIEW D 86, (8) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Harvey C, Heinzl T, Ilderton A & Marklund M 2012 'Intensity-Dependent Electron Mass Shift in a Laser Field: Existence, Universality, and Detection' PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 109, (10) Author Site , DOI PEARL
HEINZL T 2012 'STRONG-FIELD QED AND HIGH-POWER LASERS' International Journal of Modern Physics A 27, (15) 1260010-1260010 , DOI PEARL
Harvey C, Heinzl T & Marklund M 2011 'Symmetry breaking from radiation reaction in ultra-intense laser fields' PHYSICAL REVIEW D 84, (11) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Heinzl T, Kaestner T & Wipf A 2011 'Effective Lattice Actions for Finite-Temperature Yang-Mills Theory' arXiv Author Site
Harvey C, Heinzl T, Iji N & Langfeld K 2011 'Covariant worldline numerics for charge motion with radiation reaction' PHYSICAL REVIEW D 83, (7) Author Site , DOI
Heinzl T, Ilderton A & Marklund M 2010 'Pair production in laser fields: finite size effects' PoS LC 2010, 007-007 Author Site
Heinzl T, Ilderton A & Marklund M 2010 'Finite size effects in stimulated laser pair production' Physics Letters B 692, (4) 250-256 Author Site Publisher Site , DOI
Heinzl T, Ilderton A & Marklund M 2010 'Laser intensity effects in noncommutative QED' Phys.Rev.D 81, Author Site Publisher Site , DOI
Heinzl T, Ilderton A & Marklund M 2010 'Noncommutativity and the lightfront' Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 199, 153-159 Author Site Publisher Site , DOI
Bailey IR, Barber DP, Chattopadhyay S, Hartin A, Heinzl T, Hesselbach S & Moortgat-Pick GA 2009 'Joint IPPP Durham/Cockcroft Institute/ICFA Workshop on Advanced QED methods for Future Accelerators' Journal of Physics: Conference Series 198, 011001-011001 , DOI
Harvey C, Heinzl T & Ilderton A 2009 'Signatures of High-Intensity Compton Scattering' Phys.Rev.A 79, Author Site Publisher Site , DOI
Conference Papers
Bulanov SS, Seipt D, Heinzl T, Marklund M & AIP 2017 'Depletion of Intense Fields' , DOI PEARL
Priebe G, Laundy D, Phillips PJ, Graham DM, Jamison SP, Vassilev S, Seddon EA, Rosenzweig JB, Krafft GA & Heinzl T 2010 'First results from the Daresbury Compton backscattering x-ray source (COBALD)' SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications SPIE , DOI
Heinzl T 2009 'Compton scattering at high intensities' IOP Publishing 012005-012005 , DOI
Ilderton A, Heinzl T, Langfeld K, Lavelle M & McMullan D 2009 'Infra-red problems and a response'
Langfeld K, Heinzl T, Ilderton A, Lavelle M & McMullan D 2008 'Solution of the Gribov problem from gauge invariance'
Schramm U, Bock S, Zeil K, Sauerbrey R, Amthor KU, Liesfeld B, Heinzl T, Jäckel O, Pfotenhauer S & Schwoerer H 2007 'Laser-accelerated rays and radiation sources at the FZD' 17-44
Wozar C, Kastner T, Uhlmann S, Wipf A & Heinzl T 2007 'ZZ<inf>3</inf> Polyakov loop models and inverse Monte-Carlo methods'
Dittmann L, Heinzl T & Wipf A 2002 'An effective theory for the SU(2) mass gap?' 83-90
Heinzl T 2000 'The Light-Cone Wave Function of the Pion' 83-86 Publisher Site , DOI
Heinzl T 2000 'The light-cone wavefunction of the pion' 231-234
Heinzl T 1999 'Causality in light-cone field theory' 246-251
Heinzl T 1998 'Light-cone wave functions and chiral symmetry' 291-295 , DOI
Heinzl T 1997 'Hamiltonian Approach to the Gribov Problem' 194-197 Publisher Site , DOI
Heinzl T 1995 'Light Front Quantisation of Gauge Theories in a Finite Volume' 217-219 Publisher Site , DOI
Heinzl T 2013 Corrections to Laser Electron Thomson Scattering. PEARL

Reports & invited lectures

39th Schladming Winter School "Methods of Quantization", Lectures on "Light-Cone Quantisation: Foundations and Applications", Schladming, Styria, 2000. Published as Springer Lecture Notes, Vol. 572.

Workshop on Lasers and Accelerators, STIAS, Stellenbosch, South Africa, January 2009, Lectures on "Strong-Field QED".

25th Chris Engelbrecht Summer School on "Nonlinear Phenomena in Quantum Field Theory", Stellenbosch, South Africa, January 2014, Lectures on Nonlinear QED.