Dr Tim Nutbeam

Dr Tim Nutbeam

Honorary Professor

School of Health Professions (NC) (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences (NC))


- Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Derriford Major Trauma Centre
- Clinical Academic in Emergency Medicine and
- Honorary Professor in Prehospital Critical Care Retrieval and Transfer

I have two roles main roles at the University of Plymouth. 

As a clinical academic I am responsible for conceiving, designing and running trials in the prehospital and emergency environment. I also assist others in running multi-centre trials (e.g. as a PI) within the local area. I am keen to supervise junior researchers in prehospital  and emergency medicine. 

My second role is related to the Universities Masters in Prehospital Critical Care / Retrieval and Transfer. I am the lead tutor for this course, and as such are responsible for module content and delivery. 


I am a Fellow of the College of Emergency Medicine, I hold a Masters in Disaster Medicine and have completed a the Diploma in Immediate Care from the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh). 

I trained in Emergency Medicine in the UK and worked both here and South Africa. 

My specially interests include Prehospital Emergency Medicine, resource/ information limited decision making and early interventions especially in Sepsis and Trauma. 

Teaching interests

I am the lead tutor for the MSc in Prehospital Critical Care, Retrieval and Transfer at the UoP. 

This involves setting the content of the course and organising the faculty for its delivery. 

The course presents some amazing opportunities for in situ / teaching and simulation. I particularly enjoy our "BIG SIM" days held on the last day of each of the clinical modules. These are usually held outside in an unsympathetic environment - this generates some excellent teaching and learning opportunities. 

Staff serving as external examiners

Examine for the Diploma in Immediate Care for the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

Research interests

Sepsis identification and resuscitation

Prehospital interventions
All things EM 

Selected Publications:


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2014/5 - National Sepsis Guidelines

General Practice                         withthe Royal College of General Practitioners

Prehospital / Paramedic             withthe College of Paramedics

Emergency Department             withthe College of Emergency Medicine

Medical Assessment Units with the RoyalCollege of Physicians

Wards                                     withthe Royal College of Nursing


‘RedFlag Sepsis’

This work has streamlined the identificationand treatment of the patients with the most serious sepsis. 


Please have a listen to my podcast "PHEMCAST" , available through iTunes or via the website: www.phemcast.co.uk