Mrs Siya Jin

Mrs Siya Jin

Visiting Researcher

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Siya Jin is working as a research fellow in the Supergen ORE Hub and a member of COAST research group.


BSc, MSc, PhD



Research interests

Marine renewable energy conversion; 

Physical and numerical modelling of fluid-structure interaction; 

Extreme waves and extreme loads;

Environmental characterization;

Probabilistic design of offshore structures 



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


S. Jin, D.Greaves, Wave energy in the UK: status review and future perspectives, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2021. 143 (2021): 110932.

S. Jin, R. Patton, Enhancement of the wave energy absorption efficiency via geometry and power take-off damping tuning, Energy, 169:819-832, 2019.

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S. Jin, R. Patton, B. Guo, Viscosity effect on a point absorber wave energy converter hydrodynamics validated by simulation and experiment, Renew. Energy, 129(Part A): 500-512, 2018.

Y. Zhang, F. Xu, S. Jin, and Y. Wang, Experimental study and application on water impact response of wedge shaped structure, Journal of Mechanical Strength, 2:226-231, 2015.

Y. Zhang, F. Xu, S. Jin, and X. Chen, Impact response and water entry posture of a Space Capsule’s water recovery, Journal of Vibration and Shock, 19:204-208, 2014.

Jin S, Zheng S & Greaves D (2021) 'On the Scalability of Wave Energy Converters' Ocean Engineering , DOI Open access
Jin S & Greaves D (2021) 'Wave energy in the UK: Status review and future perspectives' Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 143, , DOI Open access
Conference Papers

S. Jin, R. Patton, Geometry influence on hydrodynamic response of a heaving point absorber wave energy converter, in 12th EWTEC, 2017.

B. Guo, R. Patton, S. Jin, Identification and validation of excitation force for a heaving point absorber wave energy converter, in 12th EWTEC, 2017.

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D.Greaves, S.Jin, L.Richard, Wave energy innovation position paper for the UK. EPSRC, 2020.