Ms Sandra Olmesdahl

Ms Sandra Olmesdahl

Teaching and Research Associate (TARA)

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Teaching and Research Associate (Physiotherapy) in the School of Health Professions at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I am particularly interested in teaching in areas that include Mental Health aspects, and focus my teaching on the holistic impacts of mental and physical health. With a varied background in physiology, mental health sciences, and neuroscience, I teach in a number of different modules, both for the department and the School. Alongside my teaching work I am actively involved in research, both in the current undertaking of my PhD in Health Sciences (focusing on Functional Movement Disorders of the lower limbs), due to complete in 2027, and several ongoing scoping reviews in different areas of the health sciences. 


I gained my undergraduate degree in Human Physiology and Zoology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. It was n interesting combination of majors, allowing me to not only gain valuable experience in the zoological field, but also focus on Sports Science specifics, and Radiation Biology. On graduating, I had the option to begin my postgraduate studies in Radiation Biology, however I elected instead to move to the UK, and take a 10 year hiatus from Academia (although with a part-time MSc thrown in the mix, which I completed in 2020.

In 2021, I went back to full-time studying, completing my MSc in Human Neuroscience with UoP, picking up some core practical research skills, in order to prepare myself for my PhD, and a career in Academia. While the research side of things fascinates me, and really drives me, I have a passion for teaching - so when the TARA post was advertised within the Physiotherapy Department, it was the perfect opportunity. While this post signified a significant career change, it is in the direction I intend to continue my career trajectory. 

Alongside my post and studies, I have a particular interest in scoping and systematic reviews. I am involved in evaluating the efficacy of of systematic reviews and overviews within the environmental sector with CEEDER, an international Review College. In addition, I am now on their screening team for said reviews. 

Roles on external bodies

Screening and Review Team - CEEDER