Dr Rosemarie Corlett

Dr Rosemarie Corlett

Associate Lecturer

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)




Flightless Birds in Contemporary Poetry. Responding to Creative Writing. Harper, G (Ed) (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2020) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Responding-Creative-Writing-Graeme-Harper/dp/1527557596

Other Publications

'The Skull was Tremendous'. Liennek Journal (2022) Issue One – Liennek Journal

‘Margot Don’t Travel’. Finished Creatures (Corrupted Poetry, 2020) Finished Creatures poetry magazine

‘God is an Ostrich’. Lighthouse Journal (Gatehouse Press, 2019) Lighthouse 18 - The Power Issue - Story Machine (storymachines.co.uk)

 ‘Snowy Owl’, in Owl Sense. Darlington, M. (Guardian Faber, 2019) Owl Sense: Miriam Darlington: Amazon.co.uk: Darlington, Miriam: 9781783350742: Books

‘The Glimpse’, 'Paper Bird', 'The Word Kiss'. Poetry Wales. (Seren, 2018) Poetry Wales Winter 54.2 2018 - Poetry Wales

‘Karen Carpenter on Drums in the Azaleas’. IOTA – The Outsider (Templar Press, 2018) iOTA 97 - THE OUTSIDER – templarpoetry

‘Preparing Game Bird – Notes to Self’. Thief (Tribe Media, 2016)