Mr Peter Ingram


Mr Peter Ingram

Head of International Office

International Student Recruitment (Plymouth Global)

  • Responsible for ensuring that the advising of prospective students from outside the UK is carried out effectively and appropriately with the interests of each student at heart.
  • Responsible for international affairs of the university.



At the university, I have worked both in faculty and central roles. Initially as Marketing and Admissions Manager in the Business School, then in the enlarged faculty of Social Science and Business. I was then appointed to a central role of Head of Postgraduate and International Marketing, then Head of the International Office and now Head of INternational Partnerships. This includes the development of a range of international partnerships including university programmes taught overseas, through to exchange and progression agreements.

My background is in service industries - predominantly training and education reIated. I have previously worked in smaller organisations and have found myself, variously, as a Head of IT, Head of Finance (while Finance Manager was unwell) and Chef to 120 people. I also have experience in predictive modelling within multi-transactional environments, particularly where repeat transactions are infrequent - though some time ago and using database applications which would now bring a puzzled frown to any modern IT professional. This led me to create computer based finance and workflow prediction systems predicated on different sales levels and taking account of fixed, semi variable and variable costs. This further led to the development of break even and profit planning models in complex multi variable cost environments. I appreciate this sounds dull, but trust me - it was great.

My MSc dissertation was on the impact of emergent technologies on affiliative organisations, particularly professional associations.