Professor Neville Davies

Professor Neville Davies

Emeritus Professor

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Davies N, Cai Y & Pang WK (2013) 'Combining Forecasts via Simulations' Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation
Cai Y, Stander J & Davies N (2012) 'A new Bayesian approach to quantile autoregressive time series model estimation and forecasting' JOURNAL OF TIME SERIES ANALYSIS 33, (4) 684-698 Author Site , DOI
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Davies N & Richards K (2012) 'Cleaning Dirty Data: Guess the Olympian' Teaching Statistics 34, 31-37
Davies N (2011) 'Developments of At School Projects for Collaborative Teaching and Learning in Statistics (with discussion)' Statistical Journal of the International Association of Official Statistics 27, 205-236 , DOI
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Davies N, Marriott JM, Bidgood P & Gadsden R (2012) Statistics Knowledge and Pedagogy in Secondary Mathematics Teacher Training Courses in British Higher Education Institutions. Teaching Statistics in British Secondary Schools Teaching Statistics trust Teaching Statistics trust