Mr Neil Smith

Mr Neil Smith

Doctoral Teaching Assistant

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


I am a Doctoral Teaching Assistant (DTA) in the Department of Economics. I lecture part-time whilst researching for my PhD. My teaching includes ECN391 International Economics (as module leader), ECN207 Economic Perspectives, ECN320 Topics in Economics, as well as ECN303 dissertation supervision.


I graduated from City University, London with a BSc (Hons) Econ in 1993, after which I began work in the financial services industry. Starting as an economist I became an equity-trader before moving into fund management and investment strategy. Between 2003-2010 I was a partner in a small investment management company based in Mayfair. I chose to leave the industry and move to Devon in April 2010. 

Teaching interests

My teaching interests include economic history (including the recent financial crisis), history of economic thought, heterodox economics, monetary theory, investment, and international political economy.

Research interests

My primary research interests are in the areas of money/monetary theory, monetary history and the potential links with Sustainable Development. I am especially interested in heterodox schools of thought including Post-Keynesian and Ecologocial Economics, as well as interdisciplinary links with areas such as anthropology and politics. My PhD is focusing on the potential role of complementary/secondary currency systems in delivering Sustainable Development Goals, developed in a System Dynamics macroeconomic model.